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The Tops Off Our Head (LTD 12" Vinyl LP)

$20.00 / Sold Out

The Tops Off Our Head is a very special release in the Tripping Daisy discography for a number of reasons. First off, TOPS was their initial foray into putting out their own records since the band began. Second, it marked a landmark time within the band, a creative rebirth of sorts. This 22 minute EP was recorded in two days in the spring of 1998. No songs were written before hand-just improv. The Tops Off Our Head.

Exquisite hand thrown COLORED 180 gram vinyl edition in the custom Good Records Recordings global adorned sleeve with a sticker designed by the artist/band and Nevada Hill that leads you to the song credits for the a-side. Also includes the mystery name your own b-side that is ONLY available on the physical release. EXCLUSIVE to this, in addition to the colored vinyl, you get a signed and numbered silkscreened print/cover by Nevada Hill suitable for framing. Once they are gone, they are gone for good as the screens are destroyed immediately after printing.

Limited Pressing of 500 on 180 gram colored vinyl.